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More than just a CRM system

Property Raptor was developed with a single mission: to help real estate agencies nurture customer relationships, automate sales, and close more deals.

Say goodbye to the days when agents would lose valuable client and inventory information due to the inefficient, redundant way of capturing data. With advanced Al technologies that ensure the best client-property matching, we provide the most agile, end-to-end integrated real estate solution to agents so that they can focus more on selling real estate and creating lifelong clients. Packed with a full suite of productivity tools, we give time back to agents and
take all the guesswork out of sales.

Property Raptor was architected with industry experts right from inception. We bring deep industry expertise and hands-on professional skills that enable us to understand and solve critical real estate problems. From serial renters and first-time homebuyers to knowledgeable sellers and seasoned renters, Property Raptor is here to help agents maximize and accelerate sales.

Property Raptor was developed with a single mission:
To help you nurture customer relationships, automate sales, and close more deals.

Our Team

With a leading team of experienced real estate and tech pioneers, Property Raptor aims to digitally disrupt the real estate industry. Backed by IMS Digital Ventures, a venture capital firm with an investment portfolio valued over USD 250 Million, and Integrated Management Systems (IMS), Asia’s leading digital transformation and marketing agency, Property Raptor brings the world’s brightest, most digital-savvy professionals to develop the next-in-class real estate CRM solution.

Our proven technology, real estate, and marketing expertise add tremendous value for industry participants while solving the sector’s most prevalent challenges.

Our International Network of Experts

Property Raptor currently operates in more than 40 countries, supporting agencies across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We help solve your most complex pain points and are on the way to dominating the real estate tech turf, one agency at a time.

On The Radar

What people are saying about us…

South China Morning Post

“Hong Kong-based start-up Property Raptor aims to become a unicorn, or a company worth at least US$1 billion, by automating the process of buying property. Its customers will be able to use its artificial intelligence and blockchain-based system for as little as US$49 a month, as part of its basic package. “


Since the pandemic, the shift to digitizing real estate agency processes has drastically increased, and the CRM software Property Raptor has projected customer demand to continue to expand. Currently, they are in negotiation with over 70 Asian companies.

Realty Next

It is an enterprise-level property management software, developed by IMS, one of Asia’s leading digital transformation agencies, that aims to increase sales and close deals faster for all real estate industry participants such as agencies, agents and real estate developers.

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