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Improve your management workflows and turbocharge internal productivity

Property Raptor helps solve the challenges that you face as an agency, whether it’s struggling to manage lengthy property lists in Excel format or coping with burdensome due diligence processes. Property Raptor has been built with your needs in mind: helping you to save money and run a leaner, more effective business.

The tool is designed to solve your pain points across productivity, compliance, client marketing, and inventory management. Rather than waiting for painstaking updates to Excel sheets, you’ll have access to cloud-based availability in real time. Rather than relying on agents to advertise their business through ineffective mass advertising, you’ll have access to an AI-driven marketing engine that’s fed by a data-driven client feedback loop.

Not only that, but Property Raptor helps you deliver unparalleled service to your customers. Instead of being marketed irrelevant properties, clients will receive specific recommendations and property details that accurately reflect personal preferences.

As an agency, you will benefit from the following great features:

Sophisticated user hierarchy and permission sets allow safe digital sharing of document and enable efficient approval processes across all parties.

Automated due diligence processes takes the headache out of compliance matters and accelerates administrative work.

An AI-driven marketing engine that benefits from a real-time data feedback loop and helps you deliver targeted marketing campaigns that turbocharge your conversion rates.

An OKR module (Objectives, KPIs, Results) helps managers visualise team progress at-a-glance, making it easy to keep track of operations across different departments or geographies.

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