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Close deals faster thanks to automatic client profiling

As an agent, you’re probably facing a bigger client base than ever before. But between phone calls, administrative tasks, and manual reporting, you probably don’t have that much time left to spend nurturing and adding value to your client relationships. Enter Property Raptor.

Property Raptor is the world’s most user-friendly real estate software. Its simple interface provides you intuitive access to a wide range of automated tools and features designed to help you focus on what you do best: closing deals.

This easy to use tool will increase your productivity guiding you through a sales process fully customised to your workflow needs. Property Raptor is built on Salesforce, helping you to speed through your day with confidence thanks to automated tasks, helpful reminders, and a suite of data-driven marketing tools.

Property Raptor also boasts an advanced matching algorithm powered by artificial intelligence, which will allow you to match clients to properties more effectively.

Here are all the features agents will benefit
from when using Property Raptor:

Property visualization that helps inventory management.

A fully automated sales funnel turns a tedious sales process into a time-efficient workflow optimised for conversion.

Automated tasks, reminders, and notifications makes it easy for agents to offer excellent customer service and reduces the huge amount of time spent on administrative tasks.

A database designed for reverse searches through advanced data crunching and artificial intelligence.

Electronic tracking of business processes which take the headache out of regulatory compliance!

An AI-driven marketing engine that benefits from a real-time data feedback loop and helps you deliver targeted marketing campaigns that turbocharge your conversion rates.

Empowering agents to close deals faster

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