An extension to your interaction

Agency Web Portal & Agent Microsite

Establish your digital presence with customized listings that seamlessly flows to the Property Raptor’s database for faster engagement with potential leads.

Streamline your real estate marketing efforts and provide an additional touchpoint for potential leads to engage and enlist with agents and agencies.

With an agency web portal or an agent microsite, leads can easily browse through listings and fill out a form to directly contact the responsible agent.

All valuable data such as browsing behavior, search activity, and time spent on each listing page is tracked, captured, and fed into the Property Raptor’s CRM database via advanced Al machine learning algorithms.

What’s more, our system can host web-based portals and microsites with a high level of customization and integration abilities to create ultra-engaging websites for your agents within the agency web portal.

Our solution applies predictive analytics and advanced Al technology so that your team can publish listings from data collected through the Property Raptor database while simultaneously leveraging the portal’s core CRM functionalities.

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