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Email Engagement Journey

Never miss another opportunity again by conveniently managing your email journeys. Feel confident that every lead is taken care of by designing pre-structured communications that stay personalized and nurture your valuable customer.

Deliver what leads expect, so they can enjoy a more cohesive experience at every step of their journey with you.

Simplify your workflow with Property Raptor’s add-on automated and ready-made drip campaigns. By customizing your agency management software to include third-party app Marketing Cloud, architect personalized marketing journeys and leverage AI-powered timing for different segments to support your goals.

Your bank of sleek and highly-creative email templates can be paired with automatic trigger sends to ensure you never miss nurturing or following up on a lead or opportunity again.

Long gone are the days for you to monitor every lead’s activity and behavior manually, stay at the top of your game by pushing hyper-personalized messages to each of your potential customers at every single stage of the real estate sales funnel.

Innovate and engage.

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