Customize your reports and dashboards

Real-Time Insights & Visualization

Visualize and manage all of your properties using real-time data with our tailored dashboards.

Are you struggling to manage client data and contacts efficiently? Do you spend way too much time trying to get data to present properly? Property Raptor has you covered!

Our simple reporting feature can give you back the time you waste on tedious tasks. With a powerful automated tool and a solid understanding of reporting best practices, speed through administrative tasks faster and customize data formats that are easily accessible so you can focus on the most value-adding part of your job: nurturing each individual client and closing more deals.

Hit the ground running with Property Raptor’s custom solutions driven by real-time data analytics to drive your business strategies. You can rest assured that your goals are aligned with your teams and know that our robust dashboard automatically crunches and analyzes data in real-time based on your personalized metrics. Visually consume your data to understand insights better and drive faster data-supported decision-making.

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