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Two-way AI Matching

When you know you can push your lead that little bit further. Property Raptor gives you the flexibility to make those judgment calls and share more listings outside of their initial criteria.

At Property Raptor, we know that building relationships with your clients is paramount for success. No client has the time to look through search listings and find out that you have not understood what they’re looking for. With our predictive algorithm technology, we mitigate that risk of getting it wrong and offer agents the best client-property matching functionality.

How does this work? Go on autopilot mode (we call this a prospect match) and take the guesswork out of your workflows. We begin by scanning across existing data inserted into your lead’s profile; this includes key attributes and previous behavior analysis to ensure we have a full understanding of what your lead is looking for. Using advanced Al technology, Raptor automatically identifies a search listing to 100% match your lead’s profile. This means we are ticking every box to ensure we find properties that fit your lead’s criteria!

Two-way advanced match

Advanced matching is where you can make your own judgment call and alter the search listing if you have more information that you may not be able to communicate in your lead’s profile. For example, if you know your lead would be willing to go above their stated budget by up to 15%, you can add this excess at this stage to ensure you find a few more properties that may suit their interest.

What do we mean by “Two-way”? Agents may not always be looking to match leads with properties in this exact process. If you have one particular property to sell such as new property development, agents can instantly identify a list of leads that are suited for that property based on their profile attributes.

Save time, work smarter and be more productive – leave the heavy lifting to us!

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