Property Raptor for Agencies

Improve your management workflows, save money, and turbocharge internal productivity.


Unite on a powerful platform

Property Raptor is designed to solve your pain points across productivity, compliance, client marketing, and inventory management. Built on Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM solution, our platform allows you to customize the back-end to support your business needs with no geographical boundaries.

Equip your team with a reliable, automated system to support their work, so they can continue to connect and engage with every lead, prospect, and client.

Multi-language support
Empower your globally distributed team by localizing resources. Add and manage multiple languages for your CRM so each agent can set-up their account in their own language for maximized efficiency.

Multi-currency support
Is your team managing deals cross-borders? No problem! Sell globally with our auto-conversion to any local currency required. Agents can view listing values in the geographic currency and select which suits your business deal best.

Sales activity
Organize and track your teams’ sales activities for any opportunities and understand where they stand in the sales funnel at any given time.

Teams module
It’s much easier to find a person when you know their face! Admins can structure and visualize teams for any project or task using the agent’s pictures.

Sales territory management
Take control of what your teams can access depending on what they are working on. With our “farming area” feature, segregate geographical locations or property developments specifically to agents with any exclusions deemed necessary.

OKR module
Track your team’s progress easily using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Managers can visualize at-a-glance and monitor operations across different departments or geographies.


Simplify marketing strategy

With automated email journeys and marketing templates, agents can cut wasted time and focus on doing what they do best – nurturing their client relationships and providing that vital human aspect of the business. Instead of relying on ineffective mass advertising, agents will have access to Al-powered, targeted marketing that’s fed by a data-driven client feedback loop.

Work smarter with Property Raptor and make sure your team gets more out of their marketing ROI. We help you deliver unparalleled service to your clients and turbocharge your conversion rates.

Agency web portal
Streamline your marketing and provide an additional smart channel to feature property listings. Your portal will be linked to your Property Raptor system, so any updates you or your agents make on the management system will automatically update the publicized portal.


Email engagement journeys
To stand out from the crowd, you want to be able to deliver unparalled customer-service. Property Raptor identifies opportunities for personalization with Al-powered timing and A/B testing to create automated email journeys.


Marketing email templates
Are you concious of how your brand is being perceived or what information is being shared? Standardize email templates to ensure your agents represent and reflect your brand DNA and provide leads with the best-suited property listings.


Optimize property listings

Property listings can become lengthy, disorganized, and scattered quickly if you don’t keep a close eye on things. One of the worst situations is having dated listings and providing inaccurate updates to potential leads. Property Raptor addresses this pain point by giving you complete control to decide how your listings are structured. Don’t worry about keeping up to date; our advanced technologies will ensure any changes made by any agent located anywhere will reflect in real-time. Always have the information ready for agents to close more deals.

Well-defined data structure
Simplify, shorten and streamline the property creation process with community, multi-unit, and single dwelling support. With pre-set data entries, agents can supercharge workflows and focus on closing more deals.

2D Building visualization
Give your agents a greater prospecting opportunity by enabling them to showcase listings using our customer multilevel property presentation. Impress investors and clients with an easy-to-view visualization to see the property in better context.

A quick fix solution to add your agency copyright logo onto your photos and maintain brand awareness.


Accelerate lead conversions

Relationships take time to build. To deliver a trusted service to your clients and support their journey, Property Raptor offers a suite of intelligent productive tools to facilitate the management of leads, allowing agents to track opportunities and guide them from the path-to-purchase process.

Potential clients will receive specific recommendations and property details that accurately reflect personal preferences.

Leads module
Eliminate the hassle of managing leads by providing your team with full lead visibility, real-time segmentation, and enhanced routing to better nurture, qualify, and convert leads into contacts with a few simple clicks.

Web portal tracking
Empower your agents with high potential recommendations by tracking user activities such as browsing behaviors, viewed properties, time spent on individual listing pages, lead source types, and actions taken on your agency’s web portal or agent’s microsite.

Form data capturing capabilities
Supply your team with crucial information to close deals faster. Efficiently capture lead data by tailoring online forms to collect the exact information your teams need. All filled- out details will seamlessly flow into Raptor’s CRM to be effectively anallyzed to take action.


Leverage data-driven insights

Are you spending hours trying to figure out what short-term tactics and long-term growth strategies you can implement to foster innovation and progression? Are you tired of redundant data collection processes and inaccurate information? Harness the power of data to drive decision-making and top-line strategies for your business. With access to a vast amount of real-time, quantifiable data, ensure your agency’s actions are made based on statistics and not gut-instincts or assumptions.

Increase your visibility by uncovering insights, surfacing trends, and pinpointing metrics with reports and dashboards to support essential daily functions and make smarter, more informed decisions. Turn your data into a significant advantage.

Advanced reporting features
Boost your teams’ productivity by making their job easier. From what used to take hours, now it only takes a few minutes to generate reports to analyze sales performance.

Customizable reports & dashboards
Optimize the way you collect, receive and analyze valuable data so everyone in your team can work productively and efficiently.


Real-time insights & visualization
Visualize and manage all of your properties using real-time data with our tailored dashboards.


Streamline operations

We understand that you want to offer the world for your team to optimize their productivity, improve communications, and essentially push more sales, but how many tools are too many tools? Though it may have been with good intention, providing a handful of programs can often create a counter-productive effect. Property Raptor can help you connect and integrate your most favorite apps into one centralized location, allowing agents to simplify their daily activities and work more efficiently towards your primary goal – to close more deals.

Customizable picklists, tags, & activities
Wherever your team is geographically located, you can customize property attributes or values relevant to your agency or geographical location to ensure you can describe and tag your listings accordingly.

Email integration with Outlook, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange
Seamlessly integrate your most used programs into one centralized location. You may be elevating your game with a new digital transformation, but having some familiarity is always appreciated!


Third-party connectivity
Effortlessly link up any, and as many third-party listing platforms as you need to Raptor such as Squarefoot, Spacious, Juwai, andAsiaxpat to ensure you don’t lose any of the foundations you have worked hard to build.

User management module
Improve your administration productivity by providing your appointed administrator the right tools to manage users and licenses and track commissions for agents effectively.

Native mobile app
Stay on top of the game with our secret weapon! Available for iOS and coming soon to Android, mirror your powerful platform on your very own mobile app. Empower your team to access key data from anywhere, at anytime, and close more deals right from the palm of your hand.

Property Raptor Knowledge Portal
Make sure your team is always fully supported no matter what time of the day with Property Raptor’s comprehensive help center. Providing an extensive support library filled with step-by-step guides, information, training videos, and more, think of this as your elevated ‘virtual instruction manual’.

Any questions?

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