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That’s right, your favourite real estate software just made it big. Don’t worry, we’ll still be friends even though we’re famous.

The announcement, which was widely picked up by media sites (including Bloomberg) focused on the much-anticipated launch of our software, and we seem to have caused quite a stir in the industry!

Key features of the platform that were highlighted in the press release included: AI technologies which enable rapid profile matching, automated task flows which allow agents to focus on value-adding tasks, and a powerful marketing engine that helps nurture relationships.

Our CEO, Justin Lau, sums up our mission statement by saying that “agents are saved from having to waste hours and hours stuck at the start of the sales funnel, or finding out-of-date information on clients and properties from siloed systems. This cloud-based tool solves all the key industry pain points across productivity, compliance, client marketing, and inventory management, while guaranteeing a seamless and satisfying user journey for agents and buyers.


Our mission at Property Raptor is to empower real estate actors to accelerate sales deals

At Property Raptor, our mission is to empower you – the agent, agency, or developer – to deliver an unparalleled buyer experience. We achieve this by simplifying the manual, lengthy tasks that take up so much of your day (who wants to spend hours and hours ploughing through compliance documents?) and by equipping you with the tools you need to thoughtfully and rapidly communicate with clients.


What’s behind this winning formula for the real estate sector?

Our solution to your day-to-day challenges is so powerful partly because we’ve built Property Raptor on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM solution. This allows us to leverage powerful features that accelerate deal closings thanks to efficient workflow automation. We’ve engineered our solution in a way that allows you to enjoy maximum features at minimal costs: making Property Raptor accessible to everybody.


Is Property Raptor the right solution for me?

Whether you: work as an independent agent, manage a small team or run a multi-office agency, Property Raptor will empower you to drive more revenue for your business:

  • Agents benefit from AI-generated view sheets, CRM workflows, and reverse matching algorithms
  • Management teams benefit from team views, dashboard visualization, and a versatile OKR module (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Agency teams benefit from a powerful marketing engine that allows you to communicate meaningfully with your database
  • Developers benefit from compliance automation and many more handy features (module coming soon!)


If you would like to find out more about what Property Raptor can do for your business, get in touch with us via our website for a free demo or read more about our features.

Read the full press release: here

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