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Many apps, one platform.
The easiest, most efficient way to automate work.  

Put your business on autopilot and connect Property Raptor with your favorite apps.

Control and connect all your third-party applications from one single platform with our seamless integrations. We are here to keep you connected and your business running like a well-oiled machine.  

With our integration capabilities, you’ll never need another tool again. We do all the hard work for you and connect your third-party applications from one single platform. You’ll never need to step out of Property Raptor again to tackle tasks, schedule meetingssend automated email marketing journeys, collaborate with teammates and survey clients. Achieve it all within Property Raptor.  



Compatible with your existing architecture. 

Property Raptor is designed to complement and augment your existing systems. Property Raptor connects with your existing tools—including databases and other tools—to help manage data access, integration, and quality.  

Explore our extensive list of app integrations


Power your communications with contacts all over the world instantly.

Go from lead to close with the world’s leading enterprise CRM software. 

Marketing Cloud

Deliver personalized content with advanced email marketing automation.

Einstein Analytics

Empower data-driven strategies with advanced cloud-based data analytics platform. 


Engage, nurture, connect and convert pipeline with B2B marketing automation.


Transform data into actionable insights with a powerful analytics platform. 


Communicate and engage with contacts globally and instantly with one of the most popular messaging app.

Power BI

Turn data into opportunity with interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities.


Respond quicker with Google’s intuitive, efficient, and useful email service.


Connect and stay organized with Microsoft’s all-in-one email service.

And many more..

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