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The Global Agency

CRM Platform

The Global Agency CRM Platform

Property Raptor is a real estate CRM platform designed for the modern age, where agents can nurture customer relationships like a pro, automate sales faster than competitors, and identify more qualified leads than ever before.


Bringing you the most innovative and sophisticated

real estate technology in a user-friendly platform.

Bringing you the most

innovative and

sophisticated real estate

technology in a

user-friendly platform.

Ease of Use

We believe that technology should be fun to use – not a bottleneck. Property Raptor was designed to help you achieve higher adoption rates and buy-in from your agents.

Built-in AI Technology

Our advanced AI match properties and listings that your prospects will love based on their profiles. Make better recommendations, build better relationships, and close more deals.

Features Across the Board

From sales and marketing to clean analytics and document generation, Property Raptor’s bank of features will accommodate your needs across the entire real estate sales workflow.

Make it Yours

Need something that is tailored to your business? Our software architecture allows for custom builds and integrations so all your needs and requirements are met.

Agencies That We Work With

How our platform works

All you need for real estate success in a single platform. Discover how Property Raptor can supercharge your sales.

How our platform works

Manage all your leads &

contacts in one glance

Real estate agents will never miss a beat. Get a holistic view of your leads and clients and find AI-generated listing recommendations seconds after they reach out.

Lead Management

Populate your client profiles automatically and use system-generated insights to sell better.

Web Portal Data Tracking

Get a full picture of your clients’ needs by analysing their digital footprint from the get-go.

Visualise & match property

listings easily

Your properties and listings are just as important as your clients. Track and manage your inventory and see your best suited clients for each listing.

AI-powered Matching

Offer data-driven recommendations with Property Raptor’s matching technology. Match your listings to the clients that have a higher likelihood to buy or rent and vice versa.

2D-grid View

Visualise the property and see all the units you have for sale. Save time on admin work by automating the creation of new listings and publishing them on your website.

Empower your sales team

like never before

Closing deals of any size is easy with Property Raptor. Engage prospects, deliver exceptional customer service, and manage processes in our trusted end-to-end solution.

Close More
Deals Faster
Use Data
To Your Advantage
Maximum Features
Minimum Costs
Team Management

See what Property Raptor can do for you

Maximise your time hitting targets and attracting clients

less time spent on managing agents and employees
increase in client interaction
increase in data accuracy
decrease in average length of sales cycle