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Analytics &

Task Management

Many businesses struggle to manage client data and contacts efficiently. If you are expected to nurture each client individually, your year would be a never-ending cycle of meetings and phone calls.

With Property Raptor, handy features such as automated task creation and record-keeping will help you get through administrative tasks faster, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most – closing more deals.


Knowledge is power

Collect and analyse data that matters most with our customisable reports and visual dashboards.

Advanced Reporting Features

From what used to take hours, now it only takes a few minutes to generate reports for your sales performance analysis.

Customisable Reports & Dashboards

Optimise the way you collect, receive and analyse valuable data so everyone in your team can work productively and efficiently.

Real-time Insights & Visualisation

Visualise and manage all of your properties using real-time data with our tailored dashboards.


Integration with Google Analytics

Property Raptor fully integrates with Google Analytics, so you can easily track your audiences’ behaviour. Configure your analytics dashboard to measure performance in real time and track your progress against your team’s KPIs.


Closing is a team effort & we make it easy

Teamwork makes the dream work! Whether an established or a growing agency, get full team transparency so you can manage sales targets.

Change Logs

Easily collaborate and tag your teammates to stay connected, and track activity records to be aware of any changes.

Approvals & User Management

No surprises! Manage access levels and hierarchy rules with a few clicks so that you know who created or gets access to different listings and properties.

Task Management

Divide and conquer the tasks at hand between your team and manage your own tasks to make sure nothing is ever missed again.

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