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Property Raptor helps you convert your marketing visitors into happy customers by providing a smooth and seamless lead generation experience. Our features help you better track and manage leads in one centralised location.


Understand exactly who you’re dealing with

Let Property Raptor do the hard work for you! We’ll manage your leads and give you the insights you need to decide which ones to pursue.

Lead Scoring

Save hours daily by ranking your leads to identify and target top prospects. Spend more time focusing on nurturing potential clients to close more deals.

Advanced Lead Profiling

Never forget the type of contact you are speaking with. Whether they’re high-value, qualified or unqualified, rate your contacts based on their attributes and identify their needs at any point in the sales process.

Automated Lead Capturing

Keep all your leads and contacts in one place. Get notified on new prospects, assign agents on the case, and organise their data in a few simple clicks.


Your nurturing process, automated

From advanced AI matching to automated data capture capabilities, you can be sure that Property Raptor has all the data you need at the right place all the time.

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Two-Way Exact Match

Eliminate the mundane process of manually selecting property listings to match your clients’ needs. Property Raptor automatically scans through your system to identify the perfect listing for your clients with zero effort required.

Two-Way Advanced Match

When you know you can push your lead that little bit further, Property Raptor’s built-in fuzzy logic gives you the flexibility to make those judgment calls and share more listings outside of their initial criteria.

Web Portal Tracking

Empower your agents with high potential recommendations by tracking user activities such as browsing behaviours, viewed properties, time spent on individual listing pages, and other actions taken on your website.


Stay on top of all your deals

No matter the scale or complexity of your opportunity, our end-to-end solution supports your workflow throughout all stages of the real estate sales funnel.

Opportunities Module

Aggregate new development, resale, or specific client deals with all associated information into one centralised place.

Seller Reports

Automatically generate reports for sellers to update them on how their property is doing at any given time. Be prepared, stay organised, and feel confident to share the statistics they need or want to know.

Automated Document Generation

With the click of a button, instantly pull your listings into a viewable display showing as much information as you need or generate a report that’s ready to send immediately. Save valuable time because every second counts!

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