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WhatsApp Business


Connect with leads on the world’s most popular messaging app. Integrate your agency’s WhatsApp Business account and respond to leads directly from inside Property Raptor. Never miss an opportunity to connect!


Reach and converse with leads faster with WhatsApp

Struggling with an overload of emails, calls, and texts? Prevent losing potential deals due to slow response time. Link your WhatsApp Business account to your agency website and CRM for enhanced efficiency and better conversation management.

Add WhatsApp to

your listings pages

Allow leads to reach you via WhatsApp with a click of a button. Add a WhatsApp tab to each listing page for leads to start the conversation with agents immediately.


conversation routing

Automatically sort incoming messages and assign leads to the agent responsible for each listing. Have a clear division of labor with an organised lead distribution system.

Manage new and existing leads

Have your prospect’s details on hand as you chat away! Our system matches existing contacts and displays their details on the screen for easy access, or create a new contact directly right there and then.

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