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Speed up your marketing process by delivering the proper communications at the right time. Property Raptor makes marketing easy with a built-in marketing engine, so you can create and send personalised material on the fly. Manage and track all your campaigns to know which leads are warm.


Deliver a



Deliver a

personalised experience

Campaign Module

Optimise campaign management and set your own KPIs with our custom-built module. Coordinate everything you need to execute a successful event.

Marketing Email Templates

Unsure how best to connect with your leads or struggling to keep up with all the action? Save valuable time with automated, personalised email templates ready to plug-and-play from anywhere at any time.

1:1 Content Personalisation

Harness customer browsing behaviour and insights from Property Raptor’s matching capabilities to automatically tailor communications and make sure your leads always feel attended to.


Put your marketing on autopilot

Want to take data-driven marketing to the next level? Or want to leverage all marketing channels to create custom journeys? Our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to launch automated marketing journeys and use lead data for hyper-personalisation.

Turbocharge your marketing communications and nurture your relationships by engaging with prospects at every touchpoint. Conveniently integrate and manage your leads’ experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and watch results drastically improve.

Never miss another opportunity again by conveniently managing your drip campaigns. Send hyper-personalised emails, SMS, and ad campaigns automatically by designing pre-structured communications to nurture your valuable customer base.

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into lifelong clients

Turn into a digital marketing expert in just a few clicks! Leverage your existing customer data and convert it into effective marketing material. From beautifully designed email templates to tracking campaign progress, our solution becomes a personal marketing assistant for every agent.

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