Understand your leads

Lead Scoring

Save hours daily by ranking your leads to identify and target top prospects. Spend more time focusing on nurturing potential clients to close more deals.

Keep the focus on only your best opportunities so they aren’t wasted on dead-end leads.

Property Raptor incorporates a state-of-the-art lead scoring intelligence system, so you are always prioritizing your efforts.

Wondering how this works? By customizing your agency’s online contact forms that are filled out by new leads, the featured data fields within the form plus their search and user activity on the Agency Web Portal (i.e., time spent on specific listings, engagement with content) will become the criteria used to qualify and assign a rating to the lead.

Once a new lead profile has been created in your CRM, you can manually add further information based on your initial interactions with the potential client to identify whether they are worth more or less of your marketing time and energy than others.

Having a lead scoring model will determine how important each of your leads is to your business. Prioritize your leads, reach a top-level of productivity and close more deals to propel your business forward.

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