A Simple Interface For Maximum Productivity

Developed with industry experts, Property Raptor effectively addresses the pain points in the real estate sales process.

With best-in-class features using advanced Al and Blockchain technologies, agencies and agents can streamline workflows, increase productivity, and accelerate deals all through one intelligent platform.


Understand exactly who you’re dealing with

Intuitive CRM features to better track and
manage leads in one centralized location.

Contact quality rating
Never forget the type of contact you are speaking with. Whether they’re high-value or gold status, qualified or unqualified, rating your contacts based on their attributes makes it easier for you to identify your lead at any point of the sales process.

Multi-language support
Localize resources by adding and managing multiple languages for your CRM. Each agent has the choice to choose their own language for maximized efficiency.

Multi-currency support
Sell globally with auto-conversion to any local currency you need. View listing values in the geographic currency and select which suits your business deal best.

View sheet generation
With the click of a button, instantly pull your listings into a viewable display showing as much information as you need or generate a report that’s ready to send immediately. Save valuable time because every second counts!

Seller report
Automatically generate reports for homeowners to update them on how their property is doing at any given time. Be prepared, stay organized, and feel confident to share the statistics they need or want to know.

Search listing
Simplify any search listing results by using a customizable filter, so you can manually narrow down your search efficiently – if you want!

Approvals & change logs
Collaborate and communicate easily with your team using our tag feature to stay updated and track back on any activity record to understand any changes.

Sales activity
Organize and track your sales activities to understand where you stand and identify your next steps to move prospective buyers down the sales funnel.

Two-way prospect match
Eliminate the mundane process of manually selecting property listings to match your client’s needs. Using advanced Al algorithms, automatically scan through your system to identify the 100% perfect match for your lead with zero effort required.


Two-way advanced match
When you know you can push your lead that little bit further, Property Raptor gives you the flexibility to make those judgment calls and share more listings outside of their initial criteria.


Teams module
It’s much easier to find a person when you know their face! Admins can structure and visualize teams for any project or task using the agent’s pictures.

Sales territory management
Take control of what your teams can access depending on what they are working on. With our “farming area” feature, segregate geographical locations or property developments specifically to agents with any exclusions deemed necessary.

Task management
Divide and conquer the tasks at hand between your team and manage your own tasks to make sure nothing is ever missed again.

OKR module
Track your team’s progress easily using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Managers can visualize at-a-glance and monitor operations across different departments or geographies.


Opportunities module
Aggregate new development, resale, or specific client deals with all associated information into one centralized place. No matter the scale or complexity of your opportunity, our end-to-end solution supports your workflow throughout all stages of the real estate sales funnel.

Contact deduping
Say goodbye to duplicate data and manual sifting through spreadsheets. Automatically merge lead and contact details reliably and boost your data quality instantly.

Stay in touch with your team with Property Raptor’s integrated messaging service. Share information, exchange files and communicate efficiently, all in your one-stop platform -separate work life from personal life.


Deliver a personalized experience

Work smartly to communicate with clients when it matters most and deliver what they expect.

Campaign module
Optimize your campaign management skills and set your own KPIs with our custom-built module that helps you coordinate everything you need to execute a successful event. From open houses to online international investment workshops, save costs by doing this all in one central place.

Marketing email templates
Unsure how best to connect with your leads or struggling to keep up with all the action? Save valuable time with automated, personalized email templates ready to plug-and-play from anywhere at any time.


Agency web portal
Streamline your marketing and provide an additional touchpoint to engage and enlist potential leads. Easily customize professional, sleek pre-designed templates and forms to capture valuable data.


Agent microsite
Establish your digital presence with customized listings that seamlessly flows to the Property Raptor’s database for faster engagement with potential leads.


1:1 Content personalization
Harness customer browsing behavior to automatically tailor communications and make sure your leads always feel attended to.

Email engagement journeys
Never miss another opportunity again by conveniently managing your email journeys. Feel confident that every lead is taken care of by designing pre-structured communications that stay personalized and nurture your valuable customer.


Connectivity to Salesforce
Marketing Cloud
Turbocharge your marketing communications and nurture your customer relationships by engaging with them at every touchpoint. Conveniently integrate and manage your lead’s experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and watch results drastically improve.

Content library with digital assets
Search no more with our digital asset library, allowing you to upload, organize and store your visual assets all in one place to turbocharge productivity.


Organize and optimize

Leverage advanced Al technologies and complementary tools to automatically match your prospective clients with properties they will love.

Well-defined data structure
Simplify, shorten and streamline the property creation process with community, multi-unit, and single dwelling support. With pre-set data entries, agents can supercharge workflows and focus on closing more deals.

2D Building visualization
View and showcase listings from the get-go with our custom multi-level property presentation. Investors and clients can easily visualize the property as a whole, giving agents a greater prospecting opportunity.

A quick fix solution to add your agency copyright logo onto your photos.

Map & satellite view
Visualize and map listings with Google or Baidu map integration. Search and filter out listings based on specific attributes for you and your clients.

TV display listing support
Cut costs with your own video editing solution. Don’t worry: you don’t have to actually create a video, you just need to click a few buttons to export a listing and have it appear on your website. It’s that simple!


Facilitate lead interactions with an end-to-end solution

Maximize productivity and increase conversion rates faster by knowing what your customers want.

Leads module
Manage leads without the hassle! By providing full lead visibility, real-time segmentation, and enhanced routing, assigned agents can better nurture, qualify, and convert leads into contacts with a few simple clicks.

Website data capturing capabilities
Track customer behavior and gain valuable insight to harness data-driven strategies, so you no longer need to assume what your leads are interested in.

Lead scoring
Save hours daily by ranking your leads to identify and target top prospects. Spend more time focusing on nurturing potential clients to close more deals.

Sales activity tracking
Organize and track your sales activities to understand where you or your team stand and identify your next steps to move prospective buyers down the sales funnel.

Form data capturing capabilities
Supply your agents with crucial information to close deals faster. Efficiently capture client data by tailoring online forms to collect the exact information you need. All filled-out details will feed into Raptor’s CRM to be effectively analyzed to take action.

Web portal tracking
Empower your agents with high potential recommendations by tracking user activities such as browsing behaviors, viewed properties, time spent on individual listing pages, lead source types, and actions taken on your agency’s web portal or agent’s microsite.


Knowledge is power

Collect and analyze data that matters most with our customizable reports and visual dashboards.

Advanced reporting features
Make your job easier and provide greater value with easily accessible data. From what used to take hours, now it only takes a few minutes to generate reports for your sales performance analysis.

Customizable reports & dashboards
Optimize the way you collect, receive and analyze valuable data so everyone in your team can work productively and efficiently.


Real-time insights & visualization
Visualize and manage all of your properties using real-time data with our tailored dashboards.


Stay connected

Anything is possible for Property Raptor. Integrate and customize your CRM system to match the needs of your agency.

Native mobile app
Access key data from anywhere, at anytime, and close more deals right from your mobile device. This is your secret weapon for staying on top of the game!


Mobile app customization
Customize your native mobile app to reflect your brand identity through the look and feel, incorporate your brand language, and adjust your settings to best practice your organization’s workflow.


Remain agile and accessible

Translate your intelligent CRM system onto a native mobile app to stay connected and close deals right from the palm of your hand.

Three-tier location architecture
If you are selling in more than one country, set-up your data structure with our three-tier location feature to filter the country, state/province, and city/town to organize better and streamline your workflow.

Email integration with Outlook, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange
Seamlessly integrate your most used programs into one centralized location. You may be elevating your game with a digital transformation, but having some familiarity is always appreciated.


Customizable picklists, tags, & activities
No matter where you or your team are in the world, customize and add property attributes or values relevant to your agency or geographical location to ensure you can describe and tag your listings accordingly.

User management module
Improve your administration productivity by providing your appointed administrator the right tools to manage users and licenses and track commissions for agents effectively.

Login history
Back-track your activity to see where and when you last signed in.

Change log
Understand changes made by referring back to Property Raptor’s activity record

Enterprise-grade system security
Property Raptor is a sophisticated CRM system designed to serve and protect agencies with critical security needs. With a vast range of features and the support of experienced professionals, we always have the best interests of your agency at heart.

Third-party connectivity
Effortlessly link up any, and as many third-party listing platforms as you need to Raptor such as Squarefoot, Spacious, Juwai, and Asiaxpat to ensure you don’t lose any of the foundations you have worked hard to build.


We have you covered

Never feel left in the dark with our comprehensive knowledge base to answer any questions you may have.

Property Raptor Knowledge Portal

Get the support you need at any time of the day with Property Raptor’s comprehensive help center. With an extensive support library filled with step-by-step guides, information, training videos, and more, think of this as your elevated ‘virtual instruction manual’.

Never get stuck or go unanswered again with our go-to source of information about Property Raptor.

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