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Developed with industry experts, Property Raptor effectively addresses the pain points in the sales process:

Increasing productivity and accelerating deals.

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Access key data from anywhere, anytime and close deals right from your mobile device

Native Mobile App

Update property and client data in real-time, access listing information instantly, and manage communications by contacting and tracking activities with prospects – all directly from your phone. 

Our native mobile app (iOS) delivers a full CRM experience on smartphones, allowing agents to communicate with clients on the go to instantly improve response times 

Empower your sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access and manage key information wherever they are. 

Advanced AI-based matching algorithms increase sales performance

Effective client-property matching

Through its scalable data architecture and dynamic AI-based matching algorithms, Property Raptor can provide a much wider range of high confidence search listings, matching results and recommendations, leading to increased efficiency for participants across the entire real estate industry.

Feature Highlight :

Advanced AI Matching

Go on autopilot mode and take the guesswork out of sales with our advanced AI matching functionality.
Watch how Property Raptor helps you sell real estate in a smarter, more productive way and let Property Raptor do all the heavy lifting for you.

Increase transparency, traceability, and data quality for you and your clients

Blockchain Network

Our seamless integration between our CRM and blockchain environment in the real estate industry enables agents to register listings, potential sales, acceptance of offers, previous offer prices, deed registration, and more onto the Property Raptor blockchain network 

Our ever-expanding network of auditable trail of property information ensures agents and agencies to sell real estate more efficiently and transparently. 

Conveniently manage your emails, CRM, marketing and sales deals all on a single platform

E-mail Integration

Property Raptor’s email functionality will give you and your team complete transparency of all correspondence, enhance productivity and allow you to focus solely on selling.

Send, track and store email to your leads, prospects and customers all within one system. Communicating with them prospects and customers has never been simpler.

Easily nurture, Rate, Qualify and Convert your Leads into Contacts

Leads Module

Property Raptor’s efficient lead qualification process enables new prospects to seamlessly flow in from the Agency Web Portal and Agent Microsites, creating new lead entries and generating follow-up tasks and notifications to the assigned agent. The robust Leads module provides full lead visibility, real-time segmentation, and enhanced routing, allowing agents to start managing leads without the hassle.    

Score your leads, rate them, classify them, qualify them, advance them, close them – do it all within the best real estate CRM software. 

A little sneak peek of our

Opportunities Module

Provide trusted, reliable listings information to your clients

Blockchain Global Search Portal

The public Blockchain ledger provides an established audit trail and history of all activities related to each listing, reinforcing home seekers’ trust in our agents and agencies. This aggregated listing site empowers agents and agencies to spearhead international sales growth and sell without the geographical limitations. 

Say goodbye to duplicate data and manual sifting through spreadsheets

Contact Deduping

The intelligent system detects contact duplicates and automatically scans through the existing database to match existing contact information with new leads, giving agents the ability to merge lead and contact details. Keep the agent experience fast and smooth while simultaneously boost data quality within your complete real estate solution. 

Search and filter out listings based on specific attributes for you and your clients

Map and Satelite View

Property Raptor’s Google maps integration allows agents to easily visualize and map listings all in one platform.

Each listing’s dropped pin seamlessly embeds and updates in real time based on the address.

Create a personalized list of properties based on the specific attributes that fits your clients’ criteria and close deals today with the map embedding feature.

Easily find the right deal for your clients

Task-driven CRM

The intuitive system empowers agents to increase conversion rates through automated tasks at every stage in the selling process.

Automated lead tracking, agent notifications and task assignments help agents provide an excellent, consistent experience for clients.

Easily customize professional, sleek pre-designed templates and establish your digital presence

Agency Web Portal and Agent Microsites

Streamline real estate marketing and provide an additional touchpoint for potential leads to engage and enlist with agents and agencies. Leads can browse through listings and fill out a form on the Web Portal or Microsite to directly contact the responsible agent. All the data captured on the form will seamlessly flow into the Property Raptor’s real estate CRM database.  

Leverage your network and increase your visibility to the industry space

Maximize exposure to all industry participants
Property Raptor allows real estate agents, developers and clients/investors to find listings from multiple external sources and aggregate data all in one place. Property Raptor’s powerful data collecting capabilities and open integration APIs amplify listings’ reach.

Help agents focus on the things that matter

Automated administrative tasks

Many businesses struggle to manage client data and contacts efficiently. If agents are expected to nurture each client individually, their year would be a never-ending cycle of meetings and phone calls.

With Property Raptor, handy features such as automated task creation and record-keeping help agents get through administrative tasks faster, allowing agents to focus on the things that matter most – closing more deals.

360-degree performance view

Holistic view of agent and business performance

By making it easy to monitor activities and extract forecasts, you can focus on increasing efficacies and profit margins. An integrated OKR module keeps your team focused and working towards common commercial goals with maximum efficiency.

For Management teams, Property Raptor provides a 360-degree view of agent and business performance at every level of the organisation.

Sell smarter and faster with AI-driven listings recommendations and data insights

Listing Recommendation and Web Portal Tracking

This advanced system generates new, high potential recommendations based on leads’ user activity such as their browsing behavior, which properties were clicked into, time spent on each listing page, lead source type, and actions taken on the Web Portal or Microsite.  All data is captured, tracked and fed back into Property Raptor’s smart AI engine to better equip agents with relevant properties that have higher conversion rates to close more deals. Elevate your data-driven marketing and sales strategand revolutionize the way you sell real estate.  

Visual presentation of listings for greater prospecting opportunities

2D building visualization
Our state-of-the-art, custom multi-level property presentation allows potential investors and clients to view and showcase listings from the get-go.

Simplify, shorten, and streamline the property creation process

Community, Multi-Unit and Single Dwelling Support

This effective feature allows agents to select different property types when creating their listings to represent the structure more accurately, while simultaneously supercharging their day-to-day workflows. 

Agents will no longer have to fill out superfluous information when creating properties and can use the time-savings of data entry to focus solely on closing more deals. 

Decrease compliance costs through automation

Decrease compliance costs

Property Raptor helps reduce your compliance costs and legal exposure, by automating KYC and compliance checks.

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