Property Raptor
for Agents

Transform the way you work thanks to a suite of advanced automated tools to streamline your daily workflow and close deals faster than ever before.


One powerful platform

As an agent, you’re most likely juggling between nurturing prospects and filtering listings. Between phone calls, administrative tasks, and manual reporting, you most likely don’t have much time left to add value to your client relationships.

Enter Property Raptor. We have done all the hard work so you can stay organized with zero effort required. It is that simple.

Contact quality rating
Never forget the type of contact you are speaking with. Whether they’re high-value or gold status, qualified or unqualified, rating your contacts based on their attributes makes it easier for you to identify your lead at any point of the sales process.

Opportunities module
No matter the scale or complexity of your opportunity, our end-to-end solution supports your workflow throughout all stages of the real estate sales funnel. Aggregate new development, resale, or specific client deals with all associated information into one centralized place.

Two-way matching
Eliminate the mundane process of manually selecting property listings to match your client’s needs. Using advanced Al algorithms, Raptor automatically scans and identifies a selection of perfectly matched properties for your lead’s profile with zero effort required. Bonus point: We have designed the database so you can reverse search if this is your preferred way to work.


View-sheet generation
How many times have you recreated the same view-sheet, going back and forth between apps, copying and pasting the details you need? Eliminate this tedious task and with the click of a button, instantly pull your listings into a viewable report display that’s ready to send immediately. Save valuable time because every second counts!

Seller report
Struggling to keep up to date with a seller’s property status? Automatically generate reports for homeowners to update them on how their property is doing at any given time. Be prepared, stay organized, and feel confident to share the statistics they need or want to know.


Automate personalized marketing communications

As an agent, you will know that leads can turn from warm to cold quickly. To avoid losing out on a valuable opportunity, you must understand what your leads are looking for and deliver what they expect. Put yourself far above the competition with Property Raptor’s advanced Al technology, empowering you with enriched data to address your client’s needs through personalized and memorable interactions. Guide your lead through the path to purchase with a customized and genuine end-to-end journey.

Campaigns module
Are campaigns and events not your strong point? Enhance your campaign management skills with our custom-built module to coordinate everything you need to execute a successful event. From open houses to online international investment workshops, manage and track everything in one central place.

Agent microsite
Working in the industry, you may have built up a loyal group of clients who share a connection and trust the way you work. Establish a digital presence with an additional touchpoint where you can customize your listings. Don’t worry – your curation will seamlessly flow into Raptor’s database for real-time updates to faster engage with potential leads.


Email engagement journeys
Never miss another opportunity again by conveniently managing your email journeys. Feel confident that every lead is taken care of by designing pre-structured communications that stay personalized and nurture your valuable customer.


Marketing email templates
Unsure how best to connect with your leads or struggling to keep up with all the action? Save valuable time with automated, personalized email templates ready to plug-and-play from anywhere, any time.

Content library with digital assets
Search no more with our digital asset library, allowing you to upload, organize and store your visual assets all in one place to turbocharge your productivity.


Optimize property listings

Have you ever been in a position where you realize you have shared a dated property with a potential client? Or do you ever find that listing features are not standardized? Property Raptor helps you organize and manage your listings time-efficiently and effectively to allow you to do what you do best: nurturing clients and closing deals.

Wave goodbye to mundane processes and feel confident knowing that Raptor’s advanced technology keeps everything in real-time so you have everything you need at your fingertips without having to second guess anything.

Well-defined data structure
With a simplified, shortened and streamlined property creation process and pre-set data entries, accelerate your workflow and focus on closing more deals.

TV display listing support
Become a video editor without any creative skills required – simply click a few buttons to export a listing and have it appear on your website. It’s that simple!

2D Building visualization
View and showcase listings from the get-go with our custom multi-level property presentation. Investors and clients can easily visualize the property as a whole, giving you a greater prospecting opportunity.


Accelerate lead conversions

Converting leads into clients is a process that takes a lot of your time and effort. Nurturing your clients is a skill, and we are here to support you! With our intuitive CRM system, you can manage your leads effectively, understand where they stand in the sales funnel, and identify the next steps you need to take to progress them towards a closed deal.

Property Raptor enables you to automatically populate listings, records, and transactions to boost your productivity and support your potential clients’ needs to win them over.

Lead scoring
Save hours daily by ranking your leads to identify and target top prospects. Spend more time focusing on nurturing potential clients to close more deals.

Web portal and microsite tracking
Automatically populate high potential recommendations by tracking specific user activities such as browsing behaviors, viewed properties, time spent on individual listing pages, lead source types, and actions taken on your agency’s web portal or your own microsite.


Form data capturing capabilities
Gain access to crucial information to close deals faster. Efficiently capture client data through tailored online forms to collect the exact information you need. All filled-out details will seamlessly flow into Raptor’s CRM to be effectively analyzed to take action.


Generate insightful reports

Are you spending way too much time trying to figure out how best to present your data to your boss(es)? Property Raptor has you covered! With advanced analytical functionalities, your CRM system can help you generate reports quickly to showcase your sales performance and identify any shortfalls that you can pick up on to improve.

Let us make your job easier so you can focus on your main responsibility; taking care of clients.

Advanced reporting features
Make your job easier and provide greater value with easily accessible data. From what used to take hours, now it only takes a few minutes to generate reports for your sales performance analysis.


Streamline workflows

Property Raptor is the world’s most user-friendly real estate software. Its simple interface provides you intuitive access to a wide range of automated tools and features designed to help you focus on what you do best: closing deals. This easy-to-use tool will increase your productivity, guiding you through a sales process fully customized to your workflow needs.

Property Raptor is built on Salesforce, helping you to speed through your day with confidence thanks to automated tasks, helpful reminders, and a suite of data-driven marketing tools.

Email integration with Outlook,
Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange
With your most used programs seamlessly integrated into one centralized location, you no longer need to work across multiple apps ever again! You may be elevating your game with a digital transformation, but we know that having some familiarity is always appreciated.


Third-party connectivity
Don’t worry about other platforms you’ve been using to advertise listings, Raptor can effortlessly link up as many third-party listing platforms as you need such as Squarefoot, Spacious, Juwai, and Asiaxpat to ensure you don’t lose any foundations you have worked so hard to build.

Native mobile app
Access key data from anywhere, anytime and close deals right from the palm of your hand. This is your secret weapon to stay on top of the game!

Property Raptor Knowledge Portal
Never feel left in the dark and get the support you need to use Property Raptor to its full potential. Think of this as your elevated ‘virtual instruction manual’.

Any questions?

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