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In the current market, all realtors know the key to success is to find the money. Fast.

In this article, we are going to outline for you the quickest, most efficient way to achieve faster sales now, maximise your output, and become a trusted advisor to your clients.

Follow our 3-step approach to succeed in real estate:

Be prepared to deliver.

  • Know your stock, know your comparables, know your market. Apportion time to learn the ins and outs of your market, news surrounding your area, and be able to address key questions that may arise from your clients, such as why real estate will still trump other alternative means of investment for them.
  • Be disciplined as to your knowledge consolidation, prepare your pitches, hone them in faux client sessions, and gain feedback from your test subjects. Ask friends and family as well as those more experienced in your industry to give feedback and insights on how you can provide the best customer experience.
  • Perfect your pitch. Be prepared for 1-minute elevator pitches for your market, your listings, and yourself. Be ready to deliver no matter the client profile. You never know when your dream property lands, or more importantly, when your ideal ready client walks in the door with cash to spare. The key to success is always be prepared.

Know your contacts.

  • Relationships. They make the world go round. Build relationships by being proactive in learning more about your customers’ needs and demands. In this current climate, your relationships are going to help you book that viewing, which leads to closing the sale – from there you will build your network effect, and with successful sales coupled with great service, you will be able to gain access to and close deals with your contacts’ contacts too, no matter the economic climate outside. Your competitors will marvel at how you are able to tap into the vast resources through your network of interested, willing buyers and how you develop vocal advocates of your services and professional, personalised, and efficient output in tough times.

Build trust quickly.

  • Be relatable. Speak the language of your client. If the client does not trust or like you, they are going to find a way to purchase a property through another agent they do trust and like. Always remember that the fastest way to a sale is by building rapport and trust.
  • Work on your interpersonal skills, if you’re looking for inspirations or developmental tools, take a class and build that network!
  • The contact is made, the client is on the hook, now is the time to truly deliver. Be disciplined with lead prospecting and talk to your manager about investing in a real estate tool that serves your needs: helping you better manage your database and accelerate deal closings. Build your professional brand with an always ready attitude and personalised output supported by world-class tools.
  • Insider tip on how to qualify your leads: Build a trusted relationship between you and the client by always quantifying actual needs of clients and delivering tailored, personalised recommended solutions that address those needs. This is the tried and tested way to referrals after referrals, and will drive your success in whichever market you specialise in.
  • Train yourself the way an athlete does. Schedule your day into regimental training and execution chunks to maximise your effectiveness, follow up on those leads and qualify them regularly to test out new knowledge and skills acquired on actual clients, and record all this information on your management system to refine your pitch and develop as a realtor. Have the information ready for the next time you contact each client.
  • Whether you’re new or experienced, your readiness to deliver is going to differentiate and mark you out as a contender from a different class. Show commitment and personalised tailored service through your questions and willingness to listen to your client. Demonstrate your initiative by providing suitable properties and an informed conviction in the quality product you deliver.


The great news is, with Property Raptor in your arsenal, you can ACCELERATE all that you do and MAXIMISE YOUR RESULTS with data without breaking a sweat.

Property Raptor is the world-class end-to-end real estate sales and management software system that addresses the key concern for realtors: empowering agents to close deals with clients faster.

With built-in state-of-the-art AI technologies, you can rest assured with all the hard work already programmed into Raptor, including compliance and risk management checks automated and ticked along the way for a smooth sales funnel. You will love the mobile-friendly daily prioritised list of calls to make with AI automatically sorting the most likely to close opportunities, having AI generate data-backed communications to personalise the follow-up with each contact and converting each opportunity for closing. You will be ready to meet with clients at all times with an interactive list of AI-matched property listings that are matched to their needs and circumstances, and enjoy seamless closes with happy, satisfied clients. Your managers will not need to call you as they will be able to glance on any mobile device the status of each listing and the visualised report of your performance in real time.

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