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Are your listings getting the attention they deserve? There are many tactics you could employ to dissent more views on your properties – from increasing your marketing budget to expanding your networking events and much more. But, while marketing your listings is an essential activity, it is only one part of the equation.

How those listings are presented to your target audiences is equally important in driving people’s decision on whether or not to commit and convert. To stay ahead of the rising competition in the property market, the most successful real estate agents equip themselves with microsites to effectively draw buyers’ attention.  

Microsites – agent-or property-specific websites – allow agents to offer hyper-focused content to their target audience. This, in turn, allows agents to better communicate with their prospects by using highly relevant and easily digestible material. And it allows potential clients to have a more enjoyable browsing experience with fewer, but better-quality items – reducing that feeling of paralysis that comes from too many disparate and irrelevant choices.


What Are Microsites? 

As the name implies, microsites are individual, smaller-scale web pages that are meant to function as discrete entities within existing websites. When it comes to the real estate industry, microsites are mini-web pages with fewer touchpoints for potential leads to navigate – they are simpler, more concise, and more straightforward. And oftentimes, they are customized for the specific agent and for that agent’s set of listings and properties.
The primary purpose of microsites is to highlight a specific set of property listings and market them to leads and prospects based on price, location, and other unique factors determined by the agent.  


Why Should You Use Microsites? 

You might have the perfect listing in your pocket, but if prospects cannot find it, it is as if this perfect listing did not exist. Sometimes, an agency website or portal can be overly comprehensive and detailed, leading to potential buyers feeling overwhelmed by too much information and too much choice. Even if potential clients already have a clever idea of their preferred location, property type, and budget, they could still get lost without finding what they want – leaving them both frustrated and without a property. 

Microsites are the perfect tool to centralize key information that really matters to drive potential clients’ purchase decisions – all in one place. Microsites allow you to separate offerings from the main website and to share them with your prospects, delivering a clear and customized message. This makes the listings seem more tailored and effective, and the agent looks like a Rockstar.  

But the benefits of microsites extend beyond this key client-facing advantage and can help agents streamline the process on both the front-and back-end. 


A couple of key benefits include: 

  • Microsites are cost effective 

For agents looking for budget-friendly solutions, microsites are perfect for replacing elaborate websites, while giving your listings the attention they deserve. They are less expensive, easier to maintain, and more customizable than more fleshed out sites, reducing design and maintenance costs. With microsites, you can give your clients a smooth, enjoyable, and tailored experience, at a fraction of the cost.  

  • Microsites improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Microsites have their own independent, unique, and keyword-rich URLs, that allow your microsite to more easily rank for the keywords that matter most. Because of the highly tailored and specific nature of microsites, you can customize the content with the right selection of highly relevant keywords to further boost your SEO rankings.  

  • Microsites help grow your personal brand 

Microsites allow you to create a personal website and online brand presence that reflects your values and goals, and that allows you to share your services more easily with potential clients, in the way that it works for you.  

Microsites are also a good way to add that special individualized touch to your services. By creating symbols and logos on the microsite to represent your own style and values, you can more effectively speak to your target audience and further enhance your customer relationships.


Why Should You Use Property Raptor Microsites? 

At Property Raptor, we offer easily customizable, professional, pre-designed templates to help agents establish their microsite seamlessly. As an agent, you can reach your leads and prospects directly through our automated response agents, collecting valuable data that will be automatically updated in your database and consolidated with other relevant data from your agency sites.

All listing details, from property information to feature description to pricing, are automatically updated from the existing Property Raptor database, providing an additional channel for potential leads to engage and enlist with agents.

Leads can browse through listings, agents and agency services and credentials and simply fill out a form on the microsite to contact the agent responsible. All the data captured on the form will flow into the Property Raptor CRM creating a new lead in the system, making it easier and faster for leads to navigate the listings and make a final purchasing decision.

With Property Raptor, your microsite will be your own digital asset that contains all the information needed to spark and guide your prospects’ buying journey so you can close deals faster, and smarter.