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Published on South China Morning Post (SCMP)

Hong Kong-based start-up Property Raptor aims to become a property technology unicorn, or a company worth at least US$1 billion, by automating the process of buying property.

Its customers will be able to use its artificial intelligence and blockchain-based system for as little as US$49 a month, as part of its basic package. Founded two years ago, the company has about 15 clients so far, all of them property agencies or developers, with another 70 potential customers waiting in the wings.

“Our goal is to be Hong Kong’s first property technology unicorn. Since we have come to the market, I can already see that our team, our investors and clients from all over the world have a shared vision about digitisation of this sector,” Justin Lau, Property Raptor’s chief executive, said. “Our mission is to be the dominant driver for change, and for Raptor to be the global platform for the real estate industry.”

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Reliable, convenient and cost effective compared with traditional real estate CRM software, Property Raptor is the ideal real estate management solution for every smart organization today. Designed with scalability in mind, Property Raptor delivers a flexible solution for agents, agencies, and property managers, in a secure and trusted environment that is packed with premium productivity tools, to engage prospects, automate sales, and ultimately close more deals.

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