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Instead of automating the changing hands of property, Property Raptor is a CRM digital platform that nurtures leads and increases conversion rates by intelligently matching the customer with the most relevant property with the help of advanced AI prospecting and matching algorithms and machine learning capabilities.

Through our scalable data architecture and dynamic AI-based matching algorithms, Property Raptor provides a much wider range of high-conversion rate search listings, matching result and recommendations of listings to agents. This “fuzzy logic” approach can assist in expanding the search listings, suggesting potential listings which do not fit the original criteria set by the property buyers in the first place.

The machine learning functionality further optimizes listing recommendations based on customers’ feedback on previous proposed listings, creating a more automated and personalised experience for the clients. Property Raptor ultimately helps agents and agencies sell real estate in a smarter, more productive way.

About us

Reliable, convenient and cost effective compared with traditional real estate CRM software, Property Raptor is the ideal real estate management solution for every smart organization today. Designed with scalability in mind, Property Raptor delivers a flexible solution for agents, agencies, and property managers, in a secure and trusted environment that is packed with premium productivity tools, to engage prospects, automate sales, and ultimately close more deals.

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Charlotte So
Public Affairs Manager