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Published on South China Morning Post (SCMP)

“Decisions can be informed, faster and made with greater confidence,” Courteau said. “This means better forecasting of future demand, tenant expectations and asset performance while eliminating dependency on high-risk hunches and assumptions based on lack of data.”

Justin Lau, CEO of Hong Kong-based Property Raptor said, clients are turning to their proptech solutions to mainly plug the revenue gap, while their customer relationship management system seeks to help property developers and agents increase sales in a more efficient way by using AI and blockchain technology.

He said that in China the company is working with multiple agencies with a network of more than 100,000 agents, noting that their “needs are very clear to us”.

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Reliable, convenient and cost effective compared with traditional real estate CRM software, Property Raptor is the ideal real estate management solution for every smart organization today. Designed with scalability in mind, Property Raptor delivers a flexible solution for agents, agencies, and property managers, in a secure and trusted environment that is packed with premium productivity tools, to engage prospects, automate sales, and ultimately close more deals.

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