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Client Stories - Engel & Völkers Hong Kong | Property Raptor

Chris Liem, the Owner and Principal of Engel & Volkers in Hong Kong, speaks highly of Property Raptor, particularly how this game-changing online property management solution transforms the real estate market

What are some of the pain points currently faced by the real estate market?

The pain points faced by the real estate market revolve around operation and handling data. Hong Kong’s market is so dense and complex with massive amounts of data flowing through around the clock. Our old way of capturing data was not only inefficient and redundant, but also resulted in loss of valuable information about both our clients and inventory. We had very little visibility through the business and little control over our staff.


How has Property Raptor transformed Engel & Volkers?

Property Raptor is a software solution analogous to Microsoft Office for real estate. It’s everything you need in one: from first contact with the client, to analysis, to closing the deal. We used to have multiple applications and software packages running in silo in order to gain minimum visibility in the system. These issues are long-gone with Property Raptor in place.


What are some of the capabilities Property Raptor offers that help differentiate you among the competitors?

Property Raptor is unique for international sales. The key problem for international sales is that your sales team must understand or know the market they are selling. It is definitely a challenge for overseas developers to try to sell in Hong Kong, or for my staff because they lack the pertinent knowledge in the overseas region. Here is where Property Raptor plays an indispensable role: the way Property Raptor automatically profiles our database and our clients allows us to identify and reach clients who are perfect match for the foreign developments, which translates into significant time- and cost-savings.


How are the automated, AI-driven processes native to Property Raptor different from other applications or software packages in the market?

Automation of processes is really important for any agency, any developer or any sales team. I have yet to find another real estate software that provides as seamless of a solution as Property Raptor does. Because Property Raptor profiles our clients through an automated process, we are able to match our clients to not only local inventory, but also to an international stock and an international network. When you have automation, it cuts out redundant tasks, makes your sales team work faster, and puts the clients at the heart of the business.

From a manager perspective, I can track and follow what our sales teams are doing, measure their performance on a real-time basis, and follow the sales process so each and every stage is transparent. Previously, we had very little visibility through the sales process where we would only see the final result, which would be either sale or no sale. It was nearly impossible for us to keep track of the clients or the agents. Property Raptor is a transformative solution to the real estate market, especially when it comes to dealing with a huge database – whether it’s 100,000 or 200,000 clients – because it’s profiling, matching, and tagging profiles of the clients and the listings, we can match clients faster through automation and our AI engines and find specific buyers for a specific listing.



#1: Property Raptor offers the capability of efficiently capturing massive amounts of data to gain unmatched visibility through the business.

#2: Thanks to its sophisticated AI matching and machine learning technologies, Property Raptor proves to be a value-adding tool for the real estate market, especially for foreign developments.


Are you an agent, property developer or an agency facing similar debilitating, costly issues? Are you in need of a top-of-class real estate software platform to increase productivity and close deals faster? Contact us today and explore how Property Raptor can help solve your problems and grow your business.