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In this rapidly changing landscape, selling real estate isn’t as simple as it once was. Marketing no longer means knocking from door to door and handing out flyers; it requires having a plan of attack – and from every angle – covering social media, online search, 1:1 personalization, and all the while maintaining a healthy relationship with your prospects.

If you’re looking to sell more homes, we’d suggest you start implementing some tools in your marketing toolbox to help you sell easier.

Let’s take a look at 5 Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Sell More Homes.


1. Real Estate CRM – Property Raptor

If you’re a real estate agent operating without a customer relationship management tool, it’s time to invest in one. Most of us don’t have a photographic memory, and you need information about clients and leads on hand. Instead of searching through multiple spreadsheets and software, great CRM gathers all your sales efforts into one place, allowing you to manage, track, and consolidate all lead and property information into a single platform.

Property Raptor’s agent management tool is built on Salesforce, giving agents access to the #1 CRM in the world and tailored for the real estate industry – for a fraction of the price. You can score lead quality, set reminders, monitor sales performance, generate auto-filled documents, and get a 360-degree view of your clients to build stronger client relationships. Never lose sight of a warm lead or forget to send another email again.

However, Raptor’s most powerful function is the ability to determine the best properties for clients using predictive AI technology. By analyzing their historical data, agents can pull up listings that are most well-suited for each prospect – selling more, faster, and easier. More on that here.


2. Graphic Design – Canva

Often, agents need to make marketing material fast. Staying on top of the game means producing refreshing content frequently and consistently. From social media posts, flyers, website banners, one-pagers, the material list goes on. Unfortunately, not all of us have a designer on call or have the time to navigate through complicated graphic software. Luckily, Canva is the next best thing.

Designed as a “Photoshop for Dummies”, Canva is a must-have for agents who don’t have the time to learn Photoshop or just want to create good-looking visual assets with speed. This on-demand, easy-to-use graphic design tool allows you to create anything from visual posts, logos, posters, infographics, and eBooks with thousands of ready-made templates and a wealthy bank of stock images. Drag and drop design elements, animated graphics, use your own branded assets to create aesthetically pleasing graphics in no time.


3. Social Media Scheduling – Hootsuite

While most agents understand the importance of social media in lead generation, few use social media effectively. Sure, they can share dozens of listings on Instagram and post valuable insights on LinkedIn, but many waste too much time tending to their social media feeds the old-fashioned way. Setting alarms to send out every tweet manually and upload every post natively can cost you valuable time.

Utilizing marketing tools that help you automate the bulk of your social media posting means you never have to stop in the middle of an important task to engage with your following at any given moment.

Hootsuite is a popular social media scheduling tool that maximizes your time on each media channel. You can automate posting content, store frequently used assets like images and logos, and schedule posts for multiple platforms from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube all in one app. Hootsuite’s free plan allows you to connect to three social media accounts and schedule up to 30 posts a day while upgrading your plan provides custom analytics and ad integration.

4. Automated Drip Campaigns – Marketing Cloud

On the topic of automation, automated drip campaigns are designed to help you reach out to leads with the right message at the right time without interference. Generic emails like welcome messages, happy birthday wishes, lead nurturing, or follow-ups can all be sent out automatically while you focus your time on more pressing tasks.

Automated drip campaigns make it easy to connect with clients across multiple platforms without redoing the work every time you engage with someone new. These messages can be triggered by dates or specific actions and propel each prospect through the sales pipeline.

Property Raptor can integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder, a cross-channel automated drip campaign builder designed to create a seamless customer experience. Continuously adjust your communication to the client based on their behavior and align your messaging across every channel. By integrating your emails, SMS, and ads in a single, holistic multi-channel journey, you can engage in 1:1 personalized material with all your clients, cultivating stronger relationships while saving time.


5. Website Hosting Service – Property Raptor

In the age of social distancing and working from home, your web presence is more important than ever. Your website is the equivalent of an online store and is one of your most valuable marketing tools. Optimizing this space will help you pull in a high volume of visitors and attract quality leads.

Property Raptor offers agents and agencies a seamless solution for online marketing and tracking by creating beautiful websites that are search engine optimized. All listings stored in the CRM can be pushed to the website and browsed by leads in one place. From photos to pricing to neighborhood maps, they are all automatically updated from your Raptor account. Meanwhile, tracking and analyzing browsing behavior for recommendations enables you to impress clients with similar listings.

Capture leads’ attention and nurture long-term clients to drive more referrals down the line. For tips on website lead generation, click here.

With hundreds of real estate marketing tools out there, it’s crucial to choose the one that works for you. Property Raptor provides a holistic overview of your marketing efforts while staying on top of your leads. Are you looking for something even more specific? The Raptor team can also customize the software to serve your brand’s needs. Book a quick tour of the system to get started!