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Sales will not always be going at full throttle all year round. The inevitable sales seasonality in addition to the current economic situation can be demoralizing to salespeople, but that is exactly why you need to maximize this downtime and ensure you and your business are at peak performance – so when things start to pick up again, you will emerge as champions.

How can you step up your game instead of idling away during this market slump?


Update your CRM data on leads, clients and listings to generate deeper customer and data intelligence

Did you know that about 30% of your database decays each year? Today’s leads can become worthless tomorrow. As mundane as this task sounds, cleaning your CRM database is essential in providing the source of truth to harness deal opportunities, retain customers and deliver excellent customer service. Cleaner data about your contact sources as well as your listings, breeds more reliable, accurate analytics that helps you advance with leads, faster. With a centralized, complete database, your smart CRM system can tell you exactly which relationships need to be nurtured and which potential buyers and sellers you should prioritize. Let your real estate CRM software help you deepen relationships, measure the quality of your pipeline, predict revenue, and increase productivity instantly.

Disorganized, duplicate, or incomplete data could impact your bottom line in the form of lost opportunities, missed customer conversions, or poor lead management. Use this free time to ensure that your customer database is clean and devoid of unwanted records and maximize your ROI for the complete real estate solution you choose. Remember, consistency is key. Once your data is clean, keep it that way by implementing maintenance processes for the long haul.


Reconnect with your customers and your co-workers

The new normal of work, living, socializing has reshaped the way we communicate with each other. While minimized face-to-face interactions certainly hinder the number of real estate transactions and coffee chats with clients, it is not an excuse to skip the nurturing and communication with customers because it is in times of uncertainty, that clients need reassurance.

Crisis forces companies to change and makes people more productive and innovative in the way they find new business. In the U.K., estate agents have embraced the concept of adaptability with vigor by using video conferencing technologies such as WhatsApp and Zoom to successfully sell houses during the COVID-19 lockdown. If agents can close deals virtually, there is no reason why they cannot grab that long overdue coffee over FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom or other tools. The time estate agents spend on proactively reconnecting with customers will guarantee long term brand loyalty, enhance customer service, and drive repeat sales in the future.

Not only should you reconnect with customers and prospects during this downtime, but also with your team and colleagues to cultivate a sense of continuity and connectiveness in the workplace. Home-based working tools and policies are critical in maintaining collaboration, supporting human interaction, and sustaining rapport with teammates in the current remote working era. In fact, teambuilding activities and open communication platforms could even re-inspire yourself and your team in the interim. Showing your customers and teammates some extra care and nurturing goes a long way especially in times of social distancing.


Sharpen your competitive edge by proactively educating your contacts (and yourself) about the current housing market

Despite the glacial pace the current market is moving at, it is of paramount importance to stay up-to-date, constantly learn, improve, and remain knowledgeable about real estate emerging trends that can enable value creation and drive revenue growth. This is a massive opportunity to give yourself and your team a competitive edge by being the real estate guru that delivers value to customers beyond just selling or buying properties. Whether this education is in the form of taking professional courses, subscribing to industry insights, reading real estate whitepapers, or listening to thought-provoking podcasts, the digital world has a plethora of mediums that provide informative, indispensable insights to keep your brain active and skills sharp.

A recent podcast by Integrated Management Systems (IMS), Asia’s leading digital transformation agency, proposes a framework for building brand resilience to COVID-19, pinpointing how brands “need to think about the value they’re adding to customers beyond the physical product or the service that they’re trying to provide: about how brands can build an ecosystem.” Arming your clients and yourself with real estate expertise is one such way in building up your company’s ecosystem and integrating multiple touchpoints into one seamless experience for your clients. Take this opportunity to improve all aspects of your sales approach and emerge as a thought leader in the evolving real estate landscape.


Embrace technological tools that enable lasting digital transformation

Do not let short-termism impede future success, but rather, turn crisis into an opportunity and never stop hustling because hard work does pay off. By investing time in admin housekeeping, reaching out to leads and clients, and tuning in to trending real estate insights, businesses can discover opportunities for new revenue streams that counteract sales seasonality.

Adopt the best-in-class real estate software tool to help your business stay ahead of the game. Property Raptor will guide you on how to automate your real estate business while providing a complete real estate solution for property management and agent management. With the increasing speed of how people communicate and operate from different locations, the best real estate app and CRM software will enable teams to stay connected and be ready to respond to clients at all times.

A powerful real estate CRM is more than just sales. Grow and manage your entire business – remotely. If you haven’t tried Property Raptor yet, we’d like to give you a free trial and show you how our end-to-end solution can help you qualify and close leads faster. Click here to get in touch!