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As if our previous round of releases weren’t game-changing enough, we just released part two of our November product updates to further turbocharge your Property Raptor experience. This time, we’re excited to unveil an auto-logging and email syncing feature, saving agents hours of time on data entry and information lookup. From cleaner inboxes to an enhanced client feedback survey experience, we are elevating both the agent and customer experience – and this is just the start.

Read on for more updates:


Automated Email Logging to Property Raptor

With our latest automated email logging functionality, Property Raptor allows agents to store all their important communications and customer interactions with just a few clicks. If you are on the go and are not able to email clients from the Raptor system, you can simply include your unique Raptor email alias in BCC and our system will intelligently scan through all your client and lead records in the database, match, log and attach all communications under the mail history of the corresponding contact record.

You’ll never have to miss recording important information from client meetings or spend a vast amount of time backfilling CRM data as our convenient feature automatically captures inbound and outbound emails and seamlessly assigns them to the right contact within the system. No more time-consuming inbox searches, agents can find the entire customer email thread by clicking on a contact or lead record.


Enhanced Listing Feedback Survey

We are bringing our Share Listing function to the next level with this round of release by enabling customization of the client survey questions for when agents share potential listings with leads. In addition to our system default questions, you can now tailor your survey questions to each specific lead and gather highly relevant, insightful, and actionable customer feedback to help you increase your conversion rates and suggest higher potential listings based on a constant data loop.  

What’s more? Our system gathers real-time client feedback and data via the interactive online survey, which automatically links back to specific listings and contact records. You can now personalize every client inquiry and close more deals intelligently and efficiently.  


Flexible and Personalized Email Notification Settings

Agents’ inboxes are often bombarded with an influx of emails from leads and clients. They don’t need any more superfluous, trivial system-generated notifications to add on to the pile of communications to read. With our adjustable email notification settings, you are in full control of the notifications that you receive from Property Raptor so you can focus more on other profit-generating tasks.  

By simply checking or unchecking the notification boxes, you will only receive emails and pertinent information that is relevant to you. Say goodbye to the days when you are constantly bombarded by system-generated messages and notifications.