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Better, faster, stronger! We are delivering innovations across the entire Property Raptor Core platform to help you continue to connect, engage, and nurture your leads, from anywhere. From an upgraded Opportunities Module to a new Commission Structure feature to a new Baidu Maps engine integration, we are constantly introducing new features and enhancements for all our users everywhere in the world.

Keep up with the latest round of product releases below:


New Development Opportunities

Selling new construction projects is an entirely different process than a resale transaction. That is why we have built-in extra steps and workflows in our New Development Opportunity feature that are unique to this type of sale. Agents can detail their new-build property deals and accurately document the different stages of a New Development opportunity. From reserving a listing to selling the property to documenting the post-sale exchanges of the listing, this new feature enables agents to aggregate all the documents and information related to new-build projects in one centralized place.  

What’s more? Our New Development opportunities module also has an unlimited number of data fields with various field types that are highly flexible and customizable by the master agent. This enables agents and agencies across different geographical regions to create and define tailored fields depending on what the local regulatory requirements are, the property type, the reservation documents required, the contract exchanges, and other factors.  

No matter the scale, complexity, or location of your New Development projects, our end-to-end-solution comprehensively supports your workflows throughout all stages of the sales funnel so that all the vital details relevant to new constructions will not slip through the cracks. Start expanding your database of new-build projects and sell new development properties more efficiently and intelligently with our upgraded Opportunities module.


Commission Structure for New Developments

We have also built-in a flexible and customizable commission structure into our New Development module. Earned commissions from developers and agent commission payouts can vary per transaction. Our modifiable commission settings allow agents to easily set transaction fees, precisely calculating the amount earned and paid out to represent even the most complex commission schemes.  

Whether you are on a split commission, a flat or tiered commission plan, get paid at closing, or collect funds post-sale, our system simplifies and streamlines the entire transaction process to display your fair share. You no longer have to use spreadsheets to calculate commissions as Property Raptor can now automatically track and accurately capture broker fees for every unique real estate transaction.  


Enhanced Contact and Lead Relationships

As a real estate company, teams often juggle with multiple parties ranging from buyers to sellers, from other agents to managers. Keeping track of contact and lead relationships and ensuring those details remain relevant, accurate, and updated in real-time is challenging. Our newly upgraded Contact Relationship function makes it easy for agents to understand how their leads, contacts, companies, and teams fit together. 

Accurately defining and tracking the relationships between people, the companies they work with, and other leads they might be related to or affiliated with can help you move more opportunities forward. Perhaps the client that you just sold a property to has a cousin that is looking to rent a listing in the same neighborhood.  

A bonus to this new enhancement is that you can even define custom relationships to cater to your needs. Understand the complex relationships between contacts, leads, agents, managers, developers and more to know who your next best bet to land a deal is and close deals more effectively and efficiently.  


Extension of Live Maps Integration

For those of you selling and leasing properties in the Chinese market, we have extended our Live Maps function to support the leading location-based service platform in China: Baidu Maps. This gives our clients access to the massive property sector in China and help them drive up sales revenue and increase productivity in a market where the opportunities are endless.  

This new feature allows you to configure your default map view location to cater to your target market and geographical location, so the map view automatically populates listings around your region. With our Live Maps enhancements, we are eliminating geography as a barrier to transact real estate for our agents and agencies from all over the world.  

A little sneak peek into our upcoming releases: we will soon have WeChat integration to further help our clients deliver personalized marketing activities and lead nurturing campaigns to the Asian market.