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You ask and we deliverAfter rounds and rounds of testing, quality assurance, and bug-fixing, we are pleased to introduce our community, multi-unit and single dwelling support, mobile app, and blockchain network functionalities that are designed to supercharge your Property Raptor experience. We are all about satisfying your needs and developing new features to solve your business challenges.

See what our team has been working day in and day out below!


Community, Multi-Unit and Single Dwelling Support

Property Raptor now supports communities, multi-unit properties and single dwellings! With the vast number of property types across all the countries around the world, we understand that entering data of a single-family home in North America requires different components, fields, and inputs than entering in data of a multi-unit apartment building in Asia. That is exactly why we have developed this new feature for you!  

Agents can select from different property types when creating their listings to represent the structure more accurately. No matter if it’s a collection of houses, a stand-alone estate or a 48-unit apartment complex, our new feature supports it all. The different estate types will also simplify, shorten, and streamline the property creation process by only displaying the appropriate fields for real estate agents. Agents will no longer have to fill out superfluous information when creating properties and can use the time-savings of data entry to focus solely on closing more deals.    


Mobile App (iOS)

Our new iOS mobile app will have all of your listings and contacts information in your back pocket. You can access key data from anywhere anytime with our easy-to-use listing management feature and your clients are only a click away. Simply download our Property Raptor app on the business app store (ask us for details here) and communicate with clients on the go to instantly improve response times. 

Never miss a lead or opportunity again! The Property Raptor app enables real estate agents and teams to update property and client data in real-time, access listing information instantly, and manage communications by contacting and tracking activities with prospects – all directly from their mobile devices. 

With fully integrated contacts and listings management features with the desktop version, you can instantly eliminate paperwork, seamlessly communicate with clients, and boost productivity in your day-to-day workflow. Every listing and contact detail with a complete history of phone calls, emails, activities, and notes is all organized and easily accessible for you. Our app will be continuously improved and enhanced by integrating more desktop features into the mobile app to elevate the quality of user experience. 


Registering Offers on Blockchain Network

Agents can not only directly register listings onto the Property Raptor blockchain network from within the platform, but also register other related activities such as potential sales of the listing, acceptance of offers, previous offer prices etc. Agents and agencies can now register their offers within the Opportunities module and directly navigate to our escrow site where we leverage 3rd party escrowing services (dependent on local financial regulations) to further streamline their workflow. While the entire escrow process handles the monetary aspect of the offering, our advanced blockchain technology will register all transactions such as deed registration, registration dates, and more. 

With the increasing number of Raptor users, our Property Raptor blockchain network will provide a valuable network of growing auditable trail information related to properties globally. The inherent immutability of the blockchain network offers greater transparency, traceability, and data quality for agents and agencies to sell real estate more efficiently. 

Our tight, seamless integration between our CRM and our blockchain environment in the real estate industry is one of a kind.