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Our product team works tirelessly to build new features, squash bugs, deliver updates, and elevate the Property Raptor experience. The May 2020 release is by far the biggest release we’ve done so far with exciting updates and features that will guarantee efficiency and help you speed through deals like you never have before! Here is the culmination of our hard work these past few weeks:

Learn more about each new feature below:


Agency Web Portal and Agent Microsite*

Empower your digital presence with our all new Agency Web Portal and Agents’ Microsite. Property Raptor’s Web Portals and Microsites come with professional, sleek pre-designed templates that can be easily customized by agents and agencies. All listing details from property information to feature description to pricing are automatically updated from the existing Property Raptor database, providing an additional channel for potential leads to engage and enlist with agents.

Leads can browse through listings, agents and agency services and credentials and simply fill out a form on the Web Portal to contact the responsible agent. All the data captured on the form will flow into the Property Raptor CRM creating a new lead in the system, which brings us to our next new update – the integrated Leads Module.

*This is an add-on feature that comes at an additional cost on top of the Property Raptor Core service.  


Blockchain Global Search Portal

Starting from May 2020, an open listing portal will be available to the public where people can view registered listings and generate leads directly from the Global Public Search Portal. Agents can not only register listings, but also associate offers and sale closings, all on Property Raptor’s Blockchain network, providing credible and reliable information to the public.

The public Blockchain ledger provides a trusted audit trail and history of all activities related to each listing, reinforcing home seekers’ trust in our agents and agencies. This aggregated listing site empowers agents and agencies to spearhead international sales growth and sell without the geographical limitations.


Leads Module

Separate from the Contacts module, all new leads received from the Web Portal automatically create a lead entry, generate follow-up tasks and notifications to the assigned agent, allowing them to better nurture, qualify and convert prospects. Agents can now easily track leads and contacts separately and have a more efficient lead qualification process to ultimately convert leads to contacts with a simple click of a button with our platform.


Advanced AI Listing Recommendation and Web Portal Tracking

This new feature is a gamechanger. All the user activity such as the lead’s browsing behavior, which properties were clicked into, time spent on each listing page, lead source type, actions taken on the microsite – all those data are captured, tracked and fed back into our new smart AI engine to better equip agents with key information to close deals faster.

By leveraging such detailed insights, this advanced system generates new, high potential recommendations based on a lead’s search behavior, enabling agents to easily suggest relevant properties with higher conversion rates. Score your leads, rate them, classify them, qualify them, advance them, close them – do it all within the newly upgraded Property Raptor platform.


Contact Deduping

From the beginning, Property Raptor was built to be efficient and fast, to help agent and agencies reduce time spent on manual tasks and power through their day to day without slowing down their momentum in closing deals. We’ve always taken this seriously as it directly impacts their sales performance.

This month, we are taking workflow efficiency to a whole new level. Our system intelligently detects contact duplicates and automatically scans through the existing database to match existing contact information with new leads, giving agents the ability to merge lead and contact details. This will keep the agent experience fast and smooth while simultaneously boosting data quality within Property Raptor. Say goodbye to duplicate data and manual sifting through spreadsheets because all that ends today with our powerful contact deduping feature.


Mobile App (iOS)

June Release

Our new iOS mobile app will have all of your listings and contacts information in your back pocket. You can access key data from anywhere anytime with our easy-to-use listing management feature and your clients are only a click away. Simply download our Property Raptor app on the app store and communicate with clients on the go to instantly improve response times.

Never miss a lead or opportunity again! The Property Raptor app enables real estate agents and teams to update property and client data in real-time, access listing information instantly, and manage communications by contacting and tracking activities with prospects – all directly from their mobile devices.

With fully integrated contacts and listings management features with the desktop version, you can instantly eliminate paperwork, seamlessly communicate with clients, and boost productivity in your day-to-day workflow. Every listing and contact detail with a complete history of phone calls, emails, activities, and notes is all organized and easily accessible for you.


Registering Offers on Blockchain Network

June Release

Agents will not only be able to directly register listings onto the Property Raptor blockchain network from within the platform, but also register other related activities such as potential sales of the listing, acceptance of offers, previous offer prices etc. Agents and agencies will be able to register their offers within the Opportunities module and directly navigate to our escrow site where we leverage 3rd party escrowing services to further streamline their workflow. While the entire escrow process handles the monetary aspect of the offering, our advanced blockchain technology will register all transactions such as deed registration, registration dates, and more.

With the increasing number of Raptor users, our Property Raptor blockchain network will provide a valuable network of growing auditable trail information related to properties globally. The inherent immutability of the blockchain network offers greater transparency, traceability, and data quality for agents and agencies to sell real estate more efficiently.