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At Property Raptor, we always try to improve our user experience by upgrading the platform. Today, we’re announcing the multi-language feature!

The Multi-Language release is out and our software is now available in Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Spanish! Property Raptor’s new multi-language and on-the-fly-switch feature, provides our CRM functionalities to businesses worldwide, without the need for Admin help, or individual settings. Just point, click and… your system switches to the new language interface; yes, just like that.

Starting today, you can manage your workflows, clients, leads, listings in the available language of your choice.

The Multi-Language Support is one of the many platform enhancements that Property Raptor has implemented in the past weeks to supercharge your productivity, including email integration, advanced AI-matching along with all the other new features introduced in the March 2020 Release.