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We are excited to announce the complete rollout of our third-party portal integration service!

As agents, the process of uploading listing details to each portal can be tiring and mundane…. we know the drill.

This is why we have connected with several of the most popular third-party listing portals, so you can conveniently integrate your CRM with the platform of your choice!

To make this process more efficient, we released two additional features – the listing distribution selection tab, and the option to create tailored listing descriptions.

Let’s dive in.

Activate different distribution channels for each listing

Through our new distribution channels tab, you can now take full control over which portals you want a particular listing details sync to. All the details in your CRM will be configured and refreshed according to the schedule you desire.

Head to the bottom of the listing page to find the ‘Distribution Channels’ tab. Then, flip the toggle to select the specific portals you want your listing details to be uploaded to.

Tailor your listing descriptions

You can now also reformat or change the details you want to be displayed on third-party portals, via your CRM. Edit the listing name or description for more flexibility.

To do so, simply scroll down to the distribution channels section and edit the information as needed.

Go try out the functions for yourself to see how fast creating listings can be!
Don’t see the listing portal you need? Shoot us a message and let us know!